Frozen Relic, Arctic Works

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‘Frozen Relic: Arctic Works’ is a series of re-fabricated real world scenarios where environmental and spatial moments are digitally archived and reproduced out of context and time. Such moments were captured whilst working with Cambridge University aboard the Greenpeace Icebreaker ‘The Arctic Sunrise’, documented in a series of ice floes in the Fram Strait North West of Svalbard, Norway.

During the course of two expeditions to the Arctic, the team captured a total of 26 floes in forensic detail, mapping their surfaces, analysing core samples and mapping their drift through the fluxing ice pack.

Each piece from the series is a digital fabricated scale replica of the original ice flow which was 3D scanned from above and documented using underwater sonar from below. Together this top and bottom surface information provide one of the most detailed snapshots of sea ice morphology to date.

The first body of work originated from the expeditions resulted in a gallery exhibition at the London Architectural Association (AA) where we temporarily recreated the Arctic landscape in its natural material, frozen seawater. Scattered in the gallery space, digitally fabricated scale replicas of original ice floes. Over the course of the show these replicas melted into perfectly sized drip trays, being refrozen and rehung for the following day. As the installation melted, it left only the supporting structure which itself accurately represents the scientific data that remains of this captured ice floe. Left with only the forensic records, the show speculated a disappearing Polar landscape for which architects may only ever design for posthumously.

The completed works - ice replicas on scientific scaffolds, 3D sculptures, prints and film - have been shown at the Architectural Association (London), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Copenhagen), Royal Academy of Arts (London) and at the Visual Arts Center (Austin, TX). 

Stamukha A2_002
Stamukha A2_002