Pantheon Oculus - Basilica di Santa Maria, Rome


W120cm x H67.5cm - Limited Edition of 100
W90cm x H50.6cm - Limited Edition of 100
W60cm x H33.7cm - Limited Edition of 100


Digital C-Type Print
All our UK printing & mounting is undertaken by theprintspace, London.

Archival quality (40 years in daylight, 80 year in dark), their C-Type printers expose light-sensitive silver halide crystals on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Matt paper. Molecular level detail. True continuous tone.


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The Invisible Cities series took us on an unprecedented journey through many of the world's most incredible metropolises. Rome, Naples, Venice and Florence were stars of the first programmes, where we were joined presenters Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott as they explored the hidden spaces that have helped these great cities change the world.

In Rome we journeyed via the icy, crystal clear waters of subterranean aqueducts that feed the Trevi fountain and two thousand year old sewers which still function beneath the Roman Forum today, to decadent, labyrinthine catacombs. Our laser scans mapped these hidden treasures, revealing for the first time the complex network of tunnels, chambers and passageways without which Rome could not have survived as a city of a million people. 

Here the scans were used to unravel the incrediable enginnering behind the Pantheon's dome. Built in 125AD it's still the largest un-reineforced concrete dome in the world.