Stamukha A2_002


Stamukha A2_002

79.711988 N 0.066778 E

Limited Edition of 10

Stamukha is a cast replica made from the 3D LiDAR scan of an extremely rare and infrequently studied piece of sea ice. The full title of the work includes the “identifier name”, its coordinates when they measured it and its scale.


This colossal ice floe would have become beached in a shallow Siberian river estuary during the summer months. When the river waters flowed over the ice, they sculpted its surface and froze in sediments, giving it an uncharacteristic brown hue. This makes Stamukha appear strangely terrestrial once they rejoin the Arctic ice pack and drift hundreds of miles further north amongst the pure blue-white landscape of frozen sea ice.


This was one of 26 ice floes documented, using 3D scanning and Sonar technology, during an expedition in the Fram Strait North West of Svalbard, Norway, working with Cambridge University aboard the Greenpeace Icebreaker ‘The Arctic Sunrise’, documented in a series of ice floes  which aimed to deepen our understanding of the threats faced by this fragile region.


The work was originally shown as part of the Cure3 Exhibition at Bonham's in London. This edition of 3 sold out and all proceeds were donated to charity. From the remaining 7, we are donating the following charities :

£100 to The Cure Parkinson's Trust

£100 to Greenpeace.